NSC Globaltech Sdn.Bhd. has a strong foundation in development of web GIS application especially geo-referenced spatial data. This capability together with expertise in software development engineering has positioned us to develop sophisticated Web GIS Mapping System & Web Based Application.

Our expertise in Web Geographical Information System (GIS) Mapping & Application will help our customer to derive their business need with advance technology to achieve performance and cost saving technique. We are very proud if our customers can achieve their target by using our product. Strive to meet our clients needs and expectations by providing high quality products and solutions. Care for the long term relationships with our customers by providing local support and maintenance service to our customers.

We believes that with the technical resources, dedication and experiences can help our customers to grow their business and operation effectively. The services, products and systems that we provide will demonstrate outstanding performance in delivering cost-effective system engineering, web application, advanced mapping, quality assurance and support services to our clients.